Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust to Offer One-Time ‘Going Forward USEA Member’s Grants’

The Broussard family, through the Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust, has announced that for 2020 only, several special educational grants will be available to USEA members. The Trust has made a very generous gift of $25,000 to the USEA Foundation to be awarded to deserving candidates 18-years-old and above who are passionate about moving their commitment to the sport forward.

The Going Forward USEA Members’ Grants will cover three areas:

1.      Horsemanship Immersion Program
2.      Instructor’s Certification Program
3.      Eventing Official’s “r” Training Program

Are you a rider interested in immersing yourself in an all-encompassing training course with a top coach, then you will want to apply for the Horsemanship Immersion Program. Always wanted to become a certified instructor? Then the grant focused on helping you become ICP certified is for you. The grant for the Eventing Official’s “r” Training Program will help all qualified riders who want to get on the first rung of the ladder on their way to becoming an Eventing Judge or Technical Delegate.

Candidates will complete a “Going Forward USEA Member’s Grant application, submit references, and participate in an interview with the panel. The grants, a minimum of $5,000 each, will be awarded based on merit.

The USEA Foundation is proud to be working with the Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust on this very worthwhile project. The current pandemic might have played havoc with the Eventing calendar and the usual grant procedures, resulting in the Rebecca Broussard International and National Developing Rider’s Grants being impossible to award this year. Still, the Broussard family has not let that prevent them from finding ways to further the education and the eventing careers of USEA Members, and our thanks go out to the family for their kindness.

Full details of the three grant types are available here. USEA members in good standing are encouraged to apply for a grant using the online application here.

[Broussard Charitable Foundation Trust to Offer One-Time ‘Going Forward USEA Member’s Grants’]