Cops Decide Bear Cubs Playing In Yard Are Too Cute To Interrupt

Kids will be kids.

And evidently the same holds true for little bear cubs, too.

Last month, sheriff’s deputies in La Cañada Flintridge, California, received a call alerting them to a group of bears hanging out in a neighborhood. Though the caller may have been concerned about the animals’ presence, the scene the deputies found was anything but alarming.

“Upon their arrival, they saw these two cute cubs having a little fun,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Rather than interrupt the cubs’ good time, the deputies sat back and enjoyed the adorable show: “We decided to let the sibling rivalry play out since momma bear was in the area.”

Here video of the bears’ little play fight session:

After the getting their fill of roughhousing (which included some rather impressive wrestling moves) the bear cubs called a truce and rejoined their mother — no human intervention needed.

“Thankfully, the whole family went back up to the forest shortly after,” the sheriff’s office wrote.