Friday Video from SmartPak: Allison Springer Spins You Right Round, Baby

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What’s better than starting the weekend with a goal in mind — one that’s perfectly sized to fit two days of blissful free time with your four-legged partner? This week, SmartPak brings you just that: a pocket-sized riding lesson from the excellent Allison Springer, who teaches you the fundamentals of turn on the forehand.

In this video, you’ll join Allison at a clinic at Frosted Moon Farm, where you’ll see how to ride the movement, what you need to do to fix and perfect it, and learn the truly dazzling array of ways it can be used to fix sorts of issues on the flat and over fences. As someone who historically neglects this movement in favour of a turn on the haunches, I’ve committed to working it into my weekend schooling sessions. Have you?