Grumpy Cat Has Passed On, But We May Have Just Found Her Scowling Successor

Ever since the original Grumpy Cat passed away in 2019, social media has been racing to find a suitably disgruntled successor.There was Louis, a glaring Persian from Austin, and Meow Meow, an adorably angry fluff ball who lives in Taiwan. A scowling stray named Saul also won the Internet’s heart after surviving life on the streets, being hit by a car, spooking hospital staff, and then frowning his way into a forever home.Photo: Instagram/grumpy_kitziaBut none of these cats hold a candle to Kitzia, a glowering Florida feline who makes these other cats look almost cheerful. No matter what she does, the aptly-nicknamed “Angry Kitzia” or “Grumpy Kitzia” always appears to blazing with rage, even when she’s drinking milk, cuddling with her human, and doing other things cats generally enjoy.
According to the cat’s owner, Viktoriia Otdielnova, Kitzia also loves resting on freshly washed and folded tea towels, sort of like a little hen. Alas, this cat is so grumpy that even her favorite pastime looks like a chore.Photo: Instagram/grumpy_kitziaIt’s unclear if Kitzia has a genetic disorder that pulls her face into a permanent scowl, but Bored Panda reports that this disagreeable-looking girl is actually very sweet in real life.
Regardless, Kitzia (which means “kitty” in Ukrainian, where Otdielnova is from) has already gathered over 58,000 followers on Instagram, although this impressive following still falls short of Grumpy Cat’s millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. At least for now.

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