Residents Demand Harsh Penalty For Man Who Shot Cat With Arrow At Point-Blank Range

Most people treat dogs and cats with the love and kindness they deserve. But one cruel man decided to use a supposedly “rapid” cat as target practice. But incredibly, this feline survivor managed to survive this terrifying ordeal, leaving officers to bring the wounded animal to Maddox and Friends Cat Rescue to see if anything could be done to save him.

“The arrow entered at the throat area and exited near the shoulder,” the rescue’s founder Sara Maddox told the Star Beacon, recalling how her team rushed the cat to the vet, even though she wasn’t sure how she would pay for his medical care.

Photo: Facebook/Maddox and friends cat rescue

“I am taking this cat to the emergency room and this is going to deplete funding but I know this is what’s right,” Maddox wrote on Facebook. “I know this boy wants to live. I know this is a case where we need the WHOLE community to come together and support not only this cat but save this boy and MAKE A STAND FOR THE VOICELESS.”

But at the vet, Maddox got good and bad news. The good news was that the cat, now known as Callum, might survive if they acted quickly. The bad news was that the arrow had come dangerously close to his carotid artery, requiring $5,000 in surgery. This was an impossible sum for Maddox, whose non-profit relied entirely on donations and already had dozens of cats in its care. But she also couldn’t give up on Callum, who was alert, responsive, and even purring. She took this as a sign Callum wanted to live.

Photo: Facebook/Maddox and friends cat rescue

“We are going to go ahead with this surgery,” she decided. “We have faith that things will work out as they should financially and on every other level. This boy was brought to us for a reason and he will live if we have anything to do with it. He will live in spite of the evil person that did this to him.”

Thankfully, rescuers’ gamble paid off. Not only was the arrow safely removed, the
community has already helped raise $8,000 for Callum’s mounting medical bills. “He’s doing great this morning and expected to make a full recovery,” Maddox told The Star Beacon. “Callum is one of the most friendly and loving cats we have had to date.”

Photo: Facebook/Maddox and friends cat rescue

While Callum recovers, Maddox has turned her attention towards the 53-year-old man who has been arrested for this gruesome crime. “Callum will have no justice if [Robert] Nadolny is allowed to plea to only a misdemeanor charge,” Maddox told The Star Beacon. “We will ask with our actions that the judge not stand for a lax punishment for such an evil crime.”

The possibility that Nadolny could possibly get off with just a slap on the wrist inspired rescuers to organize a peaceful rally outside the courthouse during his first hearing on August 4, 2020. “We ask that everyone wear a white tee shirt that has #justiceforcallum or #wearehisvoice written on it,” said Maddox, who hopes a large turnout of peaceful supporter will encourage the judge to hand down a sentence that sends a strong message about animal abuse.

Photo: Facebook/Maddox and friends cat rescue

“This case means so much more than just justice for Callum,” Maddox wrote on her Facebook page. “This case could set the bar for future cases in Ohio and beyond. This is something I am asking that you ALL attend if possible. It is a BIG DEAL that we follow this case all the way through.