Saturday Links from Nupafeed USA

All trained up and nowhere to go! It seems that these two youngsters from Liz Halliday-Sharp’s string can’t wait for competitions to resume again. It seems like it’s not just us humans that are missing being out on course over the weekend, our four-legged friends and partners seem to have a little pent up energy and zest to get back out there soon.

National Holiday: National Mimosa Day

Saturday Links:

The Downs and Ups of Sunken Roads

Moving Beyond “Why Me?”: Life After A Bipolar Diagnosis

Featured Clinician: Daniela Moguel

OTTBs are High-Maintenance (and so is every horse)

Lockdown: cross-country courses may reopen, while vets’ guidance is updated

Here’s What Happened When I — a Self-Proclaimed Pragmatist — Called an Animal Communicator

Churchill Downs Begins Spring Meet With Stacked Fields

Saturday Video: Jon Holling gives an update on frangible fence fundraising. And yes, we’re getting close to that #FrangibleNow tattoo.

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