Wednesday Video from Kentucky Performance Products: Helmet-Friendly Hair How-Tos

If there’s one thing that truly unites us all, it’s this: thick hair and riding helmets are just. Not. Compatible. Fortunately, a few hair-and-beauty YouTube rabbitholes later, I still can’t manage a cut-crease eye, but I’ve got a well-stocked arsenal of new ways to tame my mermaid locks under my long-suffering AYR8.

In today’s video, Michelle Rosemond gives an easy-to-follow demonstration of two practical solutions for fitting natural hair into riding helmets, and her super styles can be adapted to be used for any type of thick curls. If you’re anything like me, no amount of ponytail tightening stops your shorter front layers from slipping down mid-ride like sweaty little eels of misery, so I’m going to be incorporating a few deft twists to keep those bad boys in their assigned seats tomorrow. Then I’ll give that cut-crease another go.

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